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Wildlife Wednesday: Eastern Red Bat

Michigan is home to 9 bat species, and none I might add are interested in drinking blood.  All are small and unassuming connoisseurs of insects. Almost all are dark colored to allow them to hunt freely in the night, finding…

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Wildlife Wednesday: Northern Leopard Frog

The Northern Leopard Frog is one of almost 100 frog species found in the US and Canada and is one of only 11 species of frogs found in Michigan. This medium-sized amphibian is greenish brown with dark round spots ringed…

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Wildlife Wednesday: Eastern Box Turtle

The Eastern Box Turtle, Michigan’s only true terrestrial turtle, typically lives in open woodlands, thickets, and meadows near water. The box turtle often soaks in very shallow water during the hotter summer months but avoids deep water due to its…

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Wildlife Wednesday: Tiger Salamander

The eastern tiger salamander is one of the world’s largest terrestrial salamanders. They also have the largest range of any North American salamander and can be found all across the United States. They typically have yellow or tan markings on…

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Wildlife Wednesday: Beaver (Castor canadensis)

Eternally busy and particularly keen builders, beavers are second only to humans in their ability to change the landscape to suit their needs. It is worth noting, that beavers do not live in dams, they instead do double duty and…

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Wildlife Wednesday: Monarchs

It’s Wildlife Wednesday and spring is right around the corner! March 14th is National Learn about Butterflies Day which brings us to this Wildlife Wednesday species. Soon warmer weather, sunshine, and rain showers will cause resting plants to sprout from…

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Wildlife Wednesday: Northern Pike

Welcome to another Wildlife Wednesday! Today we have one of the more predatory fish of the Great Lakes: the northern pike! This fish is found in all of Michigan’s Great Lakes as well as in inland waters. They have a…

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Wildlife Wednesday: Virginia Opossum

This week’s Wildlife Wednesday is dedicated to the Virginia Opossum! These backyard critters are North America’s only marsupial. But what does it mean to be a marsupial? This means that the female opossums have a pouch on their stomach (much…

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Falling Snowflakes

Written by: Kim Sherwin, Metroparks Interpreter As I watch the recent falling snowflakes, I am brought back to childhood. The large fluffy snowflakes sashaying through the sky as I gazed up, sticking my tongue out and feeling the cold snowflakes…

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